all up in my own feelings

I swear if nobody else can get me there he definitely can……

ok guys if you get upset then oh well, your all up in your feelings too, BUT why is it that a man can’t stand to see a woman relax. It’s as if were always supposed to be doing something, whether its for the kids, the house, for the bills, for him; especially for him. OMG!!! baby can you do, baby can you get, baby can you go, baby baby baby. It makes me wonder baby when can you do for you!?!?!? I literally want to pull my Brazilian out and put on an Aunt Jemima head scarf and some flip flops and be Alice from the Brady Bunch. Now I’m talking to the married ladies now, I know compromise and being submissive is a clause in the vows because when mad day come and he’s in the hot seat ┬áhe acts like he only remember certain parts at he wedding like, the vows you say to him and wives be submissive to your husbands. I may be all up in my own feelings right now but I’m just trying to be like a Kit Kat………. GIVE ME A BREAK, before i start going to sleep looking like him