No time for Games

I’m beginning to think that either he is retarded or he thinks I’m a gaming system. On any game,Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, or Xbox; you get to decide when to open it when to close it, when to play with it how long to play with it etc etc. Like many game systems there’s always an upgrade to the latest one, which ladies whether you say it or not there are plenty other women who look better than you; but I don’t care how old the game is you can trade it in and get it refurbished. You may be getting tired of me now well that’s ok because while your trying to stay modern with your new gaming thot, there are plenty of men who like a classic game, and it’s worth more as the years go by. So keep doing what your doing playing games, because when you don’t treat a “classic game” right, all “technology” has a breaking point. If you don’t get it your stuck on a Gameboy.


I gotta put IT out there

This is my first blog! So, here it is finally I’m blogging, and I hope this blog reaches your eyes, because maybe just maybe I’ll say something that you need to hear. I’m a firm non believer of keeping it real because most people think their keeping it real when their actually serving you 99.9% of the truth. Which is actually keeping it real, but that 1% means so much to people that the other 99.9% is non existent and therefore makes you not “REAL”. The 1% that everybody gets judged on is the percent that actually cares about peoples feelings. Lmbo, well guess what I gotta put IT out there, i do not care about peoples feelings. I’m going to be 100% honest even if it hurts you now, it’ll make you stronger later.  Let me introduce myself I’m Neesnu, and I’m me not a people pleaser, and just as normal as anybody else but  I’m not afraid to be honest about myslef and say what most people are thinking. Simple as that! I hope you can handle where were going.