I’m in a new place in life, and i wish it was a great place. Everyday it get newer and newer and my life’s challenges are getting tougher and tougher. Do i give in to these challenges or do i fight to the finish? at some point in all these changes I began to feel like Sophia from the color purple ” All my life I had to fight”, and hell I’m tired of fighting all the time for everything. the only thing that is given to me are blessing from God, and truth be told he has done more than enough for me, it is most definitely his grace and mercy that holds me down like p.o.p. Staying focus on the journey is the most difficult part of the game of life. there are so many daggers and temptations to side track you even from your most simplest task; can you endure it? The only way to beat the hour glass is to finish first, so bring on the challenges for me, give me hell because evidently i was built ford tough for these challenges, maybe that is why my blessing or still coming maybe that why i have grace and mercy, I haven’t given up yet. Fight for your marriage, fight for your children, fight for your families, fight for financial freedom, fight for sanity, fight for stability, fight for love, fight for humanity, fight for honesty, fight for understanding, fight for courage; because God has not stopped fighting for us. Be BRAVE!!!

Love Neesnu The Writer


No time for Games

I’m beginning to think that either he is retarded or he thinks I’m a gaming system. On any game,Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, or Xbox; you get to decide when to open it when to close it, when to play with it how long to play with it etc etc. Like many game systems there’s always an upgrade to the latest one, which ladies whether you say it or not there are plenty other women who look better than you; but I don’t care how old the game is you can trade it in and get it refurbished. You may be getting tired of me now well that’s ok because while your trying to stay modern with your new gaming thot, there are plenty of men who like a classic game, and it’s worth more as the years go by. So keep doing what your doing playing games, because when you don’t treat a “classic game” right, all “technology” has a breaking point. If you don’t get it your stuck on a Gameboy.