remember when I said we’ll be going into deep situations and that I’m honest, well here is my honesty. I am a dreamer but do not believe in my own dreams, even though I want them and need them more than I need the air I breathe. I am able to sell myself like a drug dealer, pushing his best product to the needy junkie. So why am I a non believer in myself; like most of my readers? Dreamers need a person to believe in them more than they believe in themselves, because that’s the FUEL!!!! We feel if you believe in us, then what we believe can go from a dream to a reality. Dreamers need somebody to push them, to breath life into the dream. Even after God created his image or formulated Adam he still had to breathe life into the body. Today I can no longer breathe, I am fainting, I am stuck in a multitude of dreams, I am unfueled, and to be honest I think I need to stay this way. I’ve been told I will find myself in my pain, well I am lost in the pain of not being able to dream any more



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