I gotta put IT out there

This is my first blog! So, here it is finally I’m blogging, and I hope this blog reaches your eyes, because maybe just maybe I’ll say something that you need to hear. I’m a firm non believer of keeping it real because most people think their keeping it real when their actually serving you 99.9% of the truth. Which is actually keeping it real, but that 1% means so much to people that the other 99.9% is non existent and therefore makes you not “REAL”. The 1% that everybody gets judged on is the percent that actually cares about peoples feelings. Lmbo, well guess what I gotta put IT out there, i do not care about peoples feelings. I’m going to be 100% honest even if it hurts you now, it’ll make you stronger later.  Let me introduce myself I’m Neesnu, and I’m me not a people pleaser, and just as normal as anybody else but  I’m not afraid to be honest about myslef and say what most people are thinking. Simple as that! I hope you can handle where were going.


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