im just saying though

always expect honesty put be prepared for someone to keep it real 99.9% of the time.



I’m in a new place in life, and i wish it was a great place. Everyday it get newer and newer and my life’s challenges are getting tougher and tougher. Do i give in to these challenges or do i fight to the finish? at some point in all these changes I began to feel like Sophia from the color purple ” All my life I had to fight”, and hell I’m tired of fighting all the time for everything. the only thing that is given to me are blessing from God, and truth be told he has done more than enough for me, it is most definitely his grace and mercy that holds me down like p.o.p. Staying focus on the journey is the most difficult part of the game of life. there are so many daggers and temptations to side track you even from your most simplest task; can you endure it? The only way to beat the hour glass is to finish first, so bring on the challenges for me, give me hell because evidently i was built ford tough for these challenges, maybe that is why my blessing or still coming maybe that why i have grace and mercy, I haven’t given up yet. Fight for your marriage, fight for your children, fight for your families, fight for financial freedom, fight for sanity, fight for stability, fight for love, fight for humanity, fight for honesty, fight for understanding, fight for courage; because God has not stopped fighting for us. Be BRAVE!!!

Love Neesnu The Writer

No time for Games

I’m beginning to think that either he is retarded or he thinks I’m a gaming system. On any game,Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, or Xbox; you get to decide when to open it when to close it, when to play with it how long to play with it etc etc. Like many game systems there’s always an upgrade to the latest one, which ladies whether you say it or not there are plenty other women who look better than you; but I don’t care how old the game is you can trade it in and get it refurbished. You may be getting tired of me now well that’s ok because while your trying to stay modern with your new gaming thot, there are plenty of men who like a classic game, and it’s worth more as the years go by. So keep doing what your doing playing games, because when you don’t treat a “classic game” right, all “technology” has a breaking point. If you don’t get it your stuck on a Gameboy.

Ms. Celie

I may be black, poor, I may even be ugly but dear God I’m here!!! That one line in the movie was an awakening moment for women. It doesn’t matter our circumstances financially or physically all that matters is I’m living, I’m breathing, I’m existing, I am WOMAN, I am a Goddess, I am a Queen and I am more than what you see, I am the INNOVATOR. Ladies tell that thing that holds you hostage about feeling good about yourself, UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME, EVERYTHING YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IS GOING TO CRUMBLE!

the first kiss

I remember the first time I had a kiss, it was with a boy named Antonio. I know he sounds Puerto Rican, and to be honest I he was at the time. I will never forget that night. I was living in little woods subdivision in New Orleans east. I had a great child hood there, always innocent, fun, childish, and there were literally no pedophiles in the area AT ALL!!! All the kids would come out to play all hours of the night, on weekends. Well this 4’6 little guy was chubby cute charming and just plain on adorable to my 9 year old eyes. He was 12 and to me that was extremely old plus I was a dork, so to even have him entertain me was epic. That late Friday night it was about 11pm, so kidding could not make this stuff up, we were playing, team hide an go seek. I was over thrilled  when we were selected to be coupled off together. as doing tumble sets kart wheels and falling in daisies in my head, but I played it cool in front of him. So, we went to hide in a friends yard behind a tree, and we were talking and I asked him if he liked me and he said yes, and he asked me the same thing and before h could finish his question I said YES YES YES!!! He laughed and said you wanna kiss me, and I was so nervous because I did not know how to kiss, how to hold my mouth; I mean I practiced on my hand a few times and some stuffed animals but, never for real I mean this was do or die. I said why not and he leaned in to kiss and I just put my lips together and kissed him. I heard an applause and a choir singing, b then it got weird. I felt something wet go into my mouth and I was like what the deuce is this, I jumped back and said what  are you doing and he said French kissing. I said, I thought you were Mexican  and Black, and laughed and said no I’m just black but, this is how you kiss its called French kiss. I said I don’t like it your tongue taste like salt. it was at that moment I didn’t look at him the same, he started to repulse me , now he looked like a short curly haired Mexican with a salty lizard tongue. How was yours?


remember when I said we’ll be going into deep situations and that I’m honest, well here is my honesty. I am a dreamer but do not believe in my own dreams, even though I want them and need them more than I need the air I breathe. I am able to sell myself like a drug dealer, pushing his best product to the needy junkie. So why am I a non believer in myself; like most of my readers? Dreamers need a person to believe in them more than they believe in themselves, because that’s the FUEL!!!! We feel if you believe in us, then what we believe can go from a dream to a reality. Dreamers need somebody to push them, to breath life into the dream. Even after God created his image or formulated Adam he still had to breathe life into the body. Today I can no longer breathe, I am fainting, I am stuck in a multitude of dreams, I am unfueled, and to be honest I think I need to stay this way. I’ve been told I will find myself in my pain, well I am lost in the pain of not being able to dream any more


Hair is like a sundae!

Baby, hair is the cherry topping on a sundae which is the body, but chocolate syrup in the edge control you need to make the style desirable.  I been trying a new edge control at my salon that Ms. Kimberly Coleman uses call T. Russell Edge Control LAWDDDDDDDY THIS STUFF GIVES ME LIFE!!!! Go follow my friend and owner Russell Chew and Head Beater Kimberly Coleman to make you a sundae with cherry and chocolate syrup on TOP!!! KEEP UP THE BLOG, SHARE AND FOLLOW

all up in my own feelings

I swear if nobody else can get me there he definitely can……

ok guys if you get upset then oh well, your all up in your feelings too, BUT why is it that a man can’t stand to see a woman relax. It’s as if were always supposed to be doing something, whether its for the kids, the house, for the bills, for him; especially for him. OMG!!! baby can you do, baby can you get, baby can you go, baby baby baby. It makes me wonder baby when can you do for you!?!?!? I literally want to pull my Brazilian out and put on an Aunt Jemima head scarf and some flip flops and be Alice from the Brady Bunch. Now I’m talking to the married ladies now, I know compromise and being submissive is a clause in the vows because when mad day come and he’s in the hot seat  he acts like he only remember certain parts at he wedding like, the vows you say to him and wives be submissive to your husbands. I may be all up in my own feelings right now but I’m just trying to be like a Kit Kat………. GIVE ME A BREAK, before i start going to sleep looking like him

I gotta put IT out there

This is my first blog! So, here it is finally I’m blogging, and I hope this blog reaches your eyes, because maybe just maybe I’ll say something that you need to hear. I’m a firm non believer of keeping it real because most people think their keeping it real when their actually serving you 99.9% of the truth. Which is actually keeping it real, but that 1% means so much to people that the other 99.9% is non existent and therefore makes you not “REAL”. The 1% that everybody gets judged on is the percent that actually cares about peoples feelings. Lmbo, well guess what I gotta put IT out there, i do not care about peoples feelings. I’m going to be 100% honest even if it hurts you now, it’ll make you stronger later.  Let me introduce myself I’m Neesnu, and I’m me not a people pleaser, and just as normal as anybody else but  I’m not afraid to be honest about myslef and say what most people are thinking. Simple as that! I hope you can handle where were going.